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The quality insights show.  A show where we talk to influential business leaders about their ideas, strategies and philosophies which make them successful

Episode Six: Joel interviews Steve Fero with Career Solutions where we discuss some simple techniques on the steps to attracting and hiring the right candidates. Steve has some simple web techniques that will help you stand out from the crowd.  For more information Steve can be reached at


Episode Five: Joel interviews John Veatch with Lean-Concepts where we discuss some simple lean manufacturing techniques that anyone can implement with the potential of huge savings.


Episode Four: Joel interviews Bill Khamis from Thursday Pools about how implementing an environmental management program has created a culture of waste reduction in all facets of the business.

Episode Three: Joel interviews David Caron with Brighton Cromwell.  David is a busy strategic sourcing manager and we discuss how small manufacturing firms need to use marketing to get on his radar.  He has some interesting insights about web-sites, social media and advertising

Episode Two: Joel Pecoraro interviews Aaron Ramsey with Purdue MEP about the quality system programs being offered and the State of Indiana grants available which provide reimbursement for training. Aaron can be reached:

Aaron A. Ramsey Senior Services Manager - Management Systems Standards

o: 317-388-5126,

Episode One: Joel Pecoraro interviews Halie Opat from Accurate Manufactured Products Group- AMPG who has some unique perspectives on mission statements, training programs and the review of business objectives.

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