Supplier Assessments


Supplier Assessments are undertaken in order to ensure that supplier systems, practices, and procedures are defined, controlled and implemented as per the customer requirements. Such assessments are also conducted to verify supplier capabilities, capacities and qualifications against specific contractual requirements. By performing value added audits of the vendors and suppliers of the organizations, we help our clients to make decisions about the suppliers and develop confidence on them.


We focus on streamlining processes, minimizing waste and objective measurement of processes, management and system performance. We ensure that every possible way of delivering bet value to enable in making decisions to attain reliability of the products and services being provided by your suppliers through our Supplier Evaluation results.

ACG auditing services provide independent assessment of suppliers’ capabilities as per needs and scope provided by the customers. The scope of the supplier and vendor audits is tailored to the clients’ needs, focusing on processes, system, products, capabilities and capacities of the supplier. System audits can be based on customer requirements and/or an international standard (like ISO 9001, ISO 14001). The audits may include, but not limited to, areas such as quality; environmental; health and safety management; and compliance to certain codes of manufacture/client.

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