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Joel Pecoraro, Director of Operations,
Sam Pecoraro, Compliance Manager

ACG will be your certification body of choice if you are an organization who is looking for a partner that can provide guidance and recognizes the difficulties of running a small business.  At ACG you can contact the senior management team about concerns, questions or a face to face meeting with one phone call.


Our leadership is made up of individuals with over twenty five years quality management system auditing, consulting and training


ACG is eager to prove we are the registrar of choice for your quality and environmental management system certification.

You have my personal guarantee that the audit process and audit team will meet your expectations.

Joel Pecoraro

Director of Operations


"I honestly could not have asked for a better experience."    

Samson Tube-Indiana

American Certification Group met our expectations for becoming certified and were very helpful in helping us navigate through the audit process. Most importantly American Certification Group was outstanding in realizing we our a small company so our needs differ from that of larger companies and that is greatly appreciated.


Great Lakes Tool & Mold

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